From our clients

As Ken & I were about to began a new phase in our life by downsizing our living environment,  I was a bit overwhelmed.  I knew I needed to consult an expert interior designer, but had no reference.
So, I began to search and found MCK Interiors on line.  After our first meeting, Michele, I felt your confidence fill the space around us.  I knew we would work well together in achieving the warm & cozy home I envisioned.
With a renovation of this kind, there was so much to decide, so much to organize and so much many people with which to work.  Michele, you helped me to see my vision come to life, your confidence relaxed me and allowed me to realize you had everything under control – and it would work out.  After the first couple of chatting sessions, you seemed to really get me, to understand what I wanted for the new home design.  Through your beautiful window treatments designs, bedding fabric, area rugs, wallpaper suggestions, paint suggestions, you understood where I wanted to go with this new home renovation. You called on your team of experts –  carpenters, tile/carpet installers, cabinets makers, plumbers, painter, window treatments installer, (all of whom love working with you!) as well as our many trips to the design center in search of just the right fabrics and voila!  Almost in a blink, well 4 months really, our home was transferred into a wonderfully cozy contemporary oasis!
We had many good laughs along the way.  Michele, you are always professional, kind and courteous even during the occasional hiccup.  I truly enjoyed working with you over these months.
My thoughts would not be complete without mentioning your wonderful husband, Tom.  His willingness to pickup or drop off items was invaluable.  He is a treasure.
We started as client and interior designer, I am happy to feel we have arrived at a place of friendship.
Michele, thank you, thank you and thank you again for everything.
Kim S

Michele Kriticos of MCK Interiors created a home of our dreams. In addition to helping to select furniture, artwork, window treatments, and paint colors throughout our home, she worked with us tirelessly hand in hand throughout the process of designing a kitchen and family room space that everyone declares should be in a magazine. They are right! The transformation from a 70s galley kitchen to a beautiful, bright, expansive, flowing kitchen that opens to a family room that complements it perfectly is amazing. Our new space is simply stunning! She listened to what we hoped to do, offered suggestions, and gently guided us, combining her expertise and knowledge with her understanding of what we envisioned. She supervised an exceptional team to see to every detail, and she made sure they were always on time and their work was up to her high standards. Michele is a brilliant designer, whose creativity and commitment to her client are beyond words. We couldn’t be more pleased or recommend MCK Interiors more highly.

Jodi H

My husband John and I purchased a 1873 French Second empire Victorian that had been completely destroyed by fire when we purchased it. Being a landmark we wanted to raise it up from the ashes. We knew we had an enormous project ahead of us. Our friend and neighbor had been killed in the World Trade Center during this time. We wanted to help his wife with her fundraising efforts to form a foundation in Richard Keane’s memory. Our thought was to raise money by placing the house on tour. Michele was as passionate about this project as we were. Her know how and creativity were just what the house needed. It was a stress releaser having her by our side. We raised over $100,000 with our 14 day tour. It’s still the talk of the town. I would highly recommend MCK Interiors.

Shireen & John Aforismo (owners), Silas W. Robbins Bed & Breakfast, Wethersfield

Our first experience with MCK Interiors was for my Daughters bedroom….that was (26)……years ago. Since then MCK has taken charge of 5 properties, and 1 executive office.  One total build from the ground up. She is a unique talent.  Her knowledge of construction with all the details are an all in one package with her, custom built in designs, fireplace mantle designs, Chimney stack, paver designs, she tackles what ever she is presented  with determination. Michele’s visions are one of a kind …..I don’t ever ask… I just let her do her thing….we are always thrilled with the outcome. She is trustworthy, diligent, and professional. I highly recommend MCK Interiors for both residential and commercial work.  I look forward to future projects with her. We would not think of using anyone else.

Daniel DelMastro, President/CEO Aero-med

“Michele Kriticos, owner of MCK Interiors provided excellent interior design service for two projects she worked on for me; this is all inclusive from architectural design, furniture, room layout, and color selection, comprehensive and complete from idea to implementation. I have found her work and ideas to be creative as well as beautiful. She is accomplished with color and savvy with it usage in her designs. She strives to satisfy and does so! I am proud to recommend Michele Kriticos for all interior design needs.”

Michael Nobile, CEO Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management, LLC

Have worked with Michele on three different homes which she handled top to bottom- Kitchen design, colors, coordination of tile, window treatments etc. She continues to amaze with her creativity, style and class. Easy to work with, on time, wouldn’t think of working with anyone else.


It is hard to articulate all the hard work with a few words! The front offices of our facility needed a complete overhaul.  MCK Interiors was highly recommended by an employee at a furniture store we frequent.  Michele was able to quickly assess our needs and put together a plan for our renovation.  Her team of experts was flexible, professional and accommodated our need to keep the business going during the renovation.  We are so pleased with the results!  We would recommend MCK Interiors to anyone looking to do a complete update to an outdated office.

Kevin & Lisa Budney, Budney Overhaul & Repair/ Budney Aero-space

My experience with MCK Interiors… Michele Kriticos is nothing but professional and artistic.  She has helped me move outside my comfort zone so to speak. My home is warm and inviting, just the way I wanted it to feel. I won’t do a single thing without asking her advice first.  She knows exactly what I want and I feel confident with her expertise. I am so happy to have Michele as my designer and friend. My advice to a potential client is go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

Joe & Deb

We asked Michele to update our living room. She worked tirelessly to find the perfect furniture, accent pieces, window treatments and art work to complete a fresh new look for us. Michele has a very creative vision and a rare artistic touch.

Peg & Jim Watts

I’ve worked with Michele for 15 years.  She has helped me with from choosing paint colors, to designing window treatments, and more.   She takes the time to listen to your ideas, style, and stays within your budget.  Her easy going personality and expertise makes her enjoyable person to work with.

Christine Saponare

Seldom do you find a designer that will listen to your ideas, mixed with her creativity, and have a room come out so beautifully. I’ve found her.


Michele Kriticos has helped me to make my home a comfortable environment for me to relax in, and she makes it feel as though my home is a warm blanket. Her knowledge of color and design always amazes me!  She always takes what is dear to me and makes it a part of a beautiful room that is now outstanding! I am always pleasantly surprised by Michele’s ideas and suggestions, and I happily embrace them!


Michele Kriticos is one of the most creative people I have ever known. We met while still in design school, and launched our early design businesses in mutual support of one another. Eventually, my path veered away from interior design work to fine art, but our close relationship has endured. She shares with me a love of design which also extends to photography, painting and gardening, and, for her, jewelry and other fine crafts.

Michele always brings everything she has to an interior project. She is above all a good listener, and will pull from her client’s facts and details large and small, and then stretch and transform them through her inventive imagination into something new and exciting. Adept with color, fabric, paint and paper, furniture, building materials, millwork and hardware, she builds her rich designs in layers, tirelessly working until the smallest detail is considered. Her enthusiasm and love of design and her friendly working style engage her clients in the process as she helps them to see what is already real in her imagination. She works closely with many skilled craftsmen to bring her ideas to life, and is sometimes found hands on, in the thick of the work, with equal skill of her own.

Michele’s willingness to go above and beyond the norm invariably endears her to everyone she works with, especially her clients, who often count her as a friend at the project’s end.

Dale Thackeray Fink, Watercolor Artist

Michele brought our vision of a uniquely decorated powder room into a reality. Her ideas are truly one of a kind. The powder room has now become the most popular room in the house. The only problem is that it is very difficult to have a dinner party in there!

Dan & Marie

I’ve worked with Michele for 15 years.  She has helped me with everything from choosing paint colors, to designing window treatments, and more. She takes the time to listen to your ideas, style, and stays within your budget. Her easy going personality and expertise make her an enjoyable person to work with.

Christine S.